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Becky's Sample Stones Diet

This sample diet shows what Becky feeds a group of her pigs and how she ensures the calcium/phosphorus ratio is appropriate for slowing the formation of calcium carbonate stones.Becky notes:

"These amounts are for all five pigs. They seem to eat approximately the same amount of food and all seem to eat some of everything.

"In addition, they get wheat grass when I get to that particular store and if it looks good, I'll get them some dill. Dill has very little in terms of any of these elements so I didn't include it. It wouldn't have changed the numbers by much.

"I think what most surprised me was the amount of Vit. C they're getting. Everyone is so worried about this, but once you do the numbers, you see that they're getting plenty of C."

 Food -- Monday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce7148.2817.7512.78
 Cherry tomatoes(10)673.3516.0812.8
 Food -- Monday PMWeight (g)CalciumPhosphorousVit. C
 Leaf lettuce4530.611.258.1
 MONDAY TOTALS423.41239.07205.99
 Food -- Tuesday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce7148.2817.7512.78
 Cherry tomatoes(10)673.3516.0812.8
 Food -- Tuesday PMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce5436.7213.59.72
 TUESDAY TOTALS458.61259.57172.65
 Food -- Wednesday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce4027.210.07.2
 Baby greens4017.616.09.0
 196.69 120.2185.712
 Food -- Wednesday PMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce5738.7614.2510.26
 WEDNESDAY TOTALS369.26238.8154.867
 Food -- Thursday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce6242.1615.518.62
 Red Peppers925.8817.48174.8
 Food -- Thursday PMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce7953.7219.7514.22
 THURSDAY TOTALS321.75197.23274.86
 Food -- Friday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce4127.8810.257.38
 Navel orange7228.813.6841.25
 372.94 259.69209.93
 Food -- Friday PMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce6745.5616.7512.06
 FRIDAY TOTALS536.68356.76303.65
 Food -- Saturday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce6745.5616.7512.06
 Red peppers595.3111.21112.1
 Food -- Saturday PMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce9866.6424.517.64
 SATURDAY TOTALS380.8237.84277.39
 Food -- Sunday AMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce8255.7620.514.76
 Tomatoes (10)643.215.3612.22
 210.26 131.6137.29
 Food -- Sunday PMWeight(g)CalciumPhosphorousVit C
 Leaf lettuce10068.025.018.0
 SUNDAY TOTALS382.78212.88168.34
See Guinea Lynx' Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio Calculator. This Excel chart lists individual ratios so you can easily select foods to raise or lower the overall ratio. Includes vitamin C amounts. Enter the weight of foods in grams and automatically generate a calcium:phosphorus ratio for a day's worth of foods. Go Up

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