My Favorite Vegetables and Fruits

Here is a sample of the vegetables and fruits the author provides each of her guinea pigs daily:

Small amounts of fresh vegetables (about a cup a day) are an important additional source of vitamin C and other nutrients. Introduce vegetables slowly, to avoid digestive upsets. Once introduced, you can supply a variety of them to your pet. Variety is the key to maintaining your pigs' health.

Although you may not be able to add forages like grass to your pigs diet, they are a welcome addition for those of us who can. Grass is a major part of my pigs' diet, especially in spring and fall when it is most plentiful and tasty. Chickweed, young clover, young plantain and especially dandelion (another favorite) are other popular forages, especially welcome when young and tender. See for more information on how to find nutritious weeds and grasses.

For other feeding suggestions, check Teresa's shopping page at (bottom right hand column).

Notes: Don't feed anything you wouldn't eat yourself (i.e. no spoiled or wilted food) and rinse food thoroughly. Avoid iceberg lettuce, which has little nutritional value and may result in loose stools if given in excess. And if you choose to provide grass or other forages, avoid areas next to busy roadsides or those frequented by dogs or livestock. Select clean, pesticide-free plants that show no signs of mildew or disease -- the younger, the better.

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