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Guinea Pig Rescues Need Your Help

Guinea pig rescues depend on you to keep them going! Do your part by adopting from a rescue and helping them with the costs associated with the care of the animals in their charge. And consider donating in memory of a loved guinea pig.

When a favorite pet dies, it leaves a void in your heart. One way to hasten the healing process, and make something good come from the death of your beloved pet is to donate your time or resources to a rescue.

Rescues are always short of funds and supplies. Because medical care for ill rescued pigs can run into thousands of dollars, veterinary bills are always a concern. Many vets will accept direct donations of funds in the name of a rescue that would show up as a "credit" on the rescue's monthly statement.

Supplies, cash or gift cards are always appreciated. Many rescues post lists of their current needs on their web sites. Or sponser a guinea pig for a year, in your guinea pig's name.

If you live close by, many rescuers find help with weekly cage cleaning invaluable.

Contact your local rescue for ideas if you'd like to know what is most needed. Check the rescue lists on Guinea Lynx to see if there is a rescue near you.

If you are a member of Guinea Lynx Forums, have recently lost a loved guinea pig, and would like a particular rescue to benefit, listing that rescue in one of your final postings regarding your guinea pig, would be helpful to friends and family who may wish to send condolences.

Thanks to Wheekers3 for a rough draft of this page.

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