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About This Section

New (and long time) rescuers may find some of the forms, letters, and ideas presented in this section helpful. If you have feedback or ideas to share, please post on Guinea Lynx Forums.

  • Managing Your Rescue -- Through good organization and management, you can both keep your sanity and help guinea pigs.
  • Classroom Guinea Pigs -- An open letter to teachers from Becky. This letter educates teachers who are thinking about classroom pets.
  • Surrender Documment -- A surrender document offered by Allysse for other rescuers to use.
  • Surrender PDF -- The above doc in pdf form.
  • Adoption Document -- An adoption inquiry document to help rescuers keep track of who they have talked to and what information the potential adopters have been provided, offered by Allysse. Allysse keeps these sheets by the phone so she can take notes while she talks to people. While emails give a good account of what information has been exchanged, writing down notes from phone conversations will help you keep things sorted out.
  • Adoption PDF -- The above doc in pdf form.

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