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Rescue Listing Guidelines

Listings on this site are reserved for people who run established rescues that do absolutely no breeding of any animal and who can provide references on request.

It is helpful if you provide some information about your rescue such as how long you have been operating, how many guinea pigs you have, how many you've placed in the last year, etc.

If you are new to rescue, you may wish to establish a Petfinder page and gain some experience before requesting a listing here.

Contact email for questions or requests:


If you are requesting a listing, please provide:

  • State (Or Country)
  • Name Of Rescue
  • Link to website if you have one
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone (if you care to provide it) (Xxx) Xxx-Xxxx
  • Email Address
  • First or Full Name of Contact Person

If you are submitting a listing for the Guinea Pig Forums UK List, please also suggest an area (like Bristol, Cambridge, etc.) for searching.

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