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Guinea Pig Rescuers Speak:

Every rescuer has their own story, the path that led them into rescue. A strong belief that these gentle creatures deserve a better chance at life through education and rehoming plays a large part in their decision to rescue guinea pigs. Some no longer actively rescue but their stories may serve as an inspiration to others who would help homeless guinea pigs.

If there is a rescue nearby, consider fostering guinea pigs to lighten the load.

Rescue Stories, Articles, and Advice

  • Josephine speaks about her rescue and experiences.
  • Vicki of Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue describes how she started her rescue and offers advice to anyone interested in starting their own.
  • Jackie Smith-Burns provides a thoughtful article: on adoption:
    • So You Want To Adopt A Guinea Pig
  • Kerri of Bakersfield Guinea Pig Rescue describes how her small rescue has helped the lives of guinea pigs through outreach and by working with people looking to find new homes for their pets. I found this article both inspiring and practical.

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