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LINKS - Actigall® / Ursodiol

Actigall Information, Warnings, and Contraindications

Guinea Lynx member sef1268 recently compiled this concise, informative summary about Actigall (original thread):
  • Generic Name: Ursodiol
  • Usage
    May be useful for treatment of hepatobiliary [liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, or bile] disease in dogs/cats. May also be used for cholesterol containing gallstones.
  • Warnings/Contraindications
    Ursodiol is contraindicated in rabbits and other hindgut fermenters as it is converted into lithocholic acid (toxic).

    Lithocholic acid is a known hepatotoxin.

    Ursodiol will not dissolve calcified radiopaque stones or radiolucent bile pigment stones.
  • Source
    Donald C. Plumb, Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook; Wiley-Blackwell, 6th edition (June 16, 2008)
  • Conclusion
    Results from using Actigall to treat bladder stones in guinea pigs have been inconclusive, and its safety and efficacy are still largely undetermined.

    Cavy owners should carefully weigh the risks of using this drug, and discuss with their veterinarian the appropriateness of its use as part of a stone treatment protocol.


Talishan's excellent summary, from this thread:

PROTOCOL #1, from Dr. Ella Ahearn, Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Georgia:
  • Mix 1 300 mg capsule in 4 mL of liquid. Administer 0.25 cc's of this once a day for 4 days.

    After that, administer 0.15 cc's of this daily.
PROTOCOL #2, from Vicki of Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue's vet: ... 93#1237793
  • Mix one 300 mg capsule Actigall/Ursodiol with 2cc liquid.
    Give 1/2 cc (.5 cc) once daily for 8 days.

    Then mix one 300 mg capsule Actigall/Ursodiol with 4cc liquid.
    Give 1/2 cc (.5 cc) once daily for a 1-2 months or until stone or sludge is confirmed gone by X-ray.

    After that administer lower (weaker) dose once every other day indefinitely if it seems to have helped.
PROTOCOL #2 was also used successfully by Dr. Ridgeway for Pigginess' Valentine: ... 12#1427912
  • Dr. Ridgeway writes:
    "The dosage we used was:
    Mix one 300 mg capsule of Ursodiol (Actigall®) with 2 mls of mixing liquid, give 0.5 cc orally one time a day for 8 days.

    Then mix one 300 mg capsule of Ursodiol (Actigall®) with 4 mls of mixing liquid, give 0.5 cc orally daily for 1 – 2 months.

    William V. Ridgeway, Jr., D.V.M.
    Long Beach Animal Hospital, Inc.
    3816 E. Anaheim Street
    Long Beach, CA 90804-4005"
PROTOCOL #3, from Dr. Miller for TwoWhitePiggies and TWP_2's Henry: ... 69#1462369
  • Henry started out on 0.5 mL of a 150 mg/mL compound for eight days.

    After that, he has been on a maintenance dose of 0.5 mL of a 75 mg/ML compound once a day.
I am assuming all protocols are using a 300 mg ursodiol capsule. This contains a powder that readily mixes with water.

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Some results have been mixed:

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