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LINKS - Interstitial Cystitis

Advice on managing IC (interstitial cystitis): Case Histories:
  • Bladder Sludge--Chippy's History
    A very detailed reference thread. Becky's female, Chippy, had chronic inflammation of the bladder due to sludge, and was eventually diagnosed with IC.
  • Reoccurring bladder infections (Chestnut's thread)
    Kallie's male, Chestnut, developed symptoms of IC after chronic bladder infections and bladder stone surgery. He received a daily dose of Metacam and pulse AB therapy long term.
  • Chronic cystitis/blood in urine (Patches' thread)
    Desert's female, Patches, shows symptoms of IC. Metacam (meloxicam) is very important to control the pain and the inflammation.
  • First Angel... now it's Elsie... crying when peeing (Link to Angel's diagnosis)
    GP Lover's female, Angel, was diagnosed with IC after many months of tests. Fluid therapy, dietary changes, Metacam, and Shilintong were helpful for Angel.
  • Ongoing bladder problems-advice? (Chester's thread)
    Capybara's male, Chester, had recurring UTIs, sludge, and symptoms of IC. Polycitra, fluid therapy, and Metacam were helpful for Chester.
See also:

Medical Reference - Bladder Stones: No Stones (Interstitial Cystitis)

Medical Reference - Bladder Stones: Polycitra

Direct link to GP Lover's brief medical history of Angel, and her Shilintong dose.

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