Trimming Fairy's Incisors

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MildredM has described how she trimmed the incisors of her guinea pig, Fairy. Fairy was a lethal, whose genetic problems included the teeth, requiring routine trimming of the incisors.

MildredM wrote:
There is no need to anaesthetise to trim incisors, it only takes a few seconds as can be seen in
Fairy's video.
If the link doesn't work search YT for "Fairy gets a teeth trim", I am MildredMittens on there.

You need the correct tool, a bone rongeur, do not use nail clippers as they will splinter the teeth and not cut them properly. A file is used to are any sharp edges off.

You don't want a battle over it! Calmly towel wrap the piggy and gently turn onto his or her back, it is useful to be a second person to support the piggy while the teeth are trimmed. Fairy is very well behaved but if she struggles I always try again later in the day.
And a charming photo pictorial:

Fairy Visits The Dentist

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