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What Every Guinea Pig Caretaker Should Have!

Cavy Health Record Book. Keeping track of weight changes is an important way to monitor your guinea pig's health. This book brings together information on general and veterinary care in an easy to use format. You'll find inside:

  • Warning Signs Of Illness
  • Dangerous Medications
  • Reference Books For You And Your Vet
  • Advice On Monitoring Your Cavy's Health:
    • Daily Observations
    • Weekly Health Check
    • What's Normal? What's Not?
  • Notes On Disease, Illness & Injury
  • What The Vet Will Do
  • What You Need To Know About Antibiotics
  • List Of Safe Meds With Tips & Illustrations
  • Hand Feeding Advice
  • General Care Information:
    • Housing
    • Diet
    • Grooming
    • Advice On Sexing (with Illustrations)
  • Conversions Page with Metric/Pound Weight Chart & Dosing Info
  • And More!

=> Standard Cavy Health Record Book - NO LONGER AVAILABLE on Guinea Lynx.
These books were wire bound, clear cover, gray 57 pound cover sheets, 6 glossy text sheets, 6 plain paper weight/treatment sheets.

=> Discounted Cavy Health Record Book - NO LONGER AVAILABLE on Guinea Lynx.
These books sold at quantity discounts. Wire bound, clear cover, green 24 pound cover sheets, 6 plain paper text sheets, 6 plain paper weight/treatment sheets.

Additional weight and treatment pages can be printed using our free pdf files.

Don't be without this concise health and care guide. Read why rescues are using this book and find out what other people have to say. REVIEWS

Sample page from the Guinea Lynx Cavy Health Record Book


Several rescues are now including a copy of this book with adoptions or recommending it to new adopters. Here are a few of them:

  • Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue
    "Love the book! You've managed to pack a huge amount of helpful and important information into a small booklet. Very good job"

  • South Atlanta Guinea Pig Rescue
    "I believe it is the most valuable book a cavy owner could have. If the information you need is not in this book, it can be found at one of the links listed in it.

  • Gainsville Guinea Pig Rescue
    "We both love your book!! So keep up the great work."

Other comments from people who have purchased this book:

  • Linda at KMS Hayloft: "These things are fantastic. Every person who runs a rescue needs to hand one of these out to each adopter. No one can remember all the info we throw at them, it's just too much."
  • Wheek Times 3: "It's AWESOME! ... It looks so professional and covers everything - I can't believe all the wonderful information in this book. This is going to be my guinea pig bible. I think anyone with a guinea pig should have one of these books!"
  • Snowflakey: "It is excellent. It is the sort of thing that should accompany all pigs when they are adopted. Lots of care info and room for health records plus the ever-valuable weight charts."
  • GP Slave: "I love it!"
  • tnarmybrat05: "I got my in the mail book today, wow I'd read everyone's posts about how helpful it is and how much information is included, but I was still surprised at how thorough and in-depth it is, I'm so glad I bought it! My pigs won't be here for a couple more weeks and I'm trying to learn as much as I can between now and then, and the health care guide is a huge help, thanks Lynx!"
  • jennylynn: "It's very cool, Lynx and will help me out a lot! Especially all of the conversion charts. I am beyond impressed! Thanks so much!"
  • momof911kids: "Lynx, I love this book! I ordered it last week from KM along with my hay and it's great. My husband also loved the book and thought it was reasonably priced for the amount of information in it. I also like it because when I go on vacation and leave my mom to pig sit I won't have to worry about her not having critical info should an emergency happen with the pigs. Thanks for such a great book!"

If you have any questions, write Lynx:

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