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NADA Documents

Due to probable future dead links, the author long ago opted to upload original files to Guinea Lynx.

OLD FDA INFORMATION with dead links: Information at the FDA is not copywrited and the public may freely reproduce and use this information. The FDA appreciates being informed about the use of Website materials. Contact FDA, HFI-50, Rockville, MD 20857 or e-mail (this is all outdated)

A now inoperative link to the search feature had been included here to enable readers to determine if any reports have changed, although unlikely, due to selection of documents (original applications and yearly reports of deaths). You are encouraged to search the site for further information. Unfortunately, entering a report title like "fda/NADA 140-439" used to link you to the original document but no longer does. Even their search feature (whose link has changed) no longer supplies the necessary files because they are too old.

OLD FDA Search

The Archived FDA Search suggests several options for finding information, one of which is even the Way Back Machine. Archiving, however, did not begin until well after these NADA files were added so it is unknown if you will have any luck finding the originals online using the tools the FDA has available. Now, in this year of 2023, over 20 years since Guinea Lynx started, THIS is why Guinea Lynx long ago decided to include original NADA reports on its website.

Find below NADA files referred to in the guide that were added many years ago. Unless otherwise noted, files refer to ivermectin:

Guinea Lynx' NADA Document List

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