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A Medical Reference For Pet Owners

The most common problems a new guinea pig owner may encounter are:

  • Mange mites: a painful parasitic infection easily treated with ivermectin. Left untreated, this painful condition can be life threatening.
  • URI: a bacterial upper respiratory infection generally treated with safe antibiotics combined with supportive care like hand feeding if the guinea pig is not eating. Prompt treatment is critical to saving the life of your pet.

New owners are often unaware of how quickly guinea pigs go downhill. Become familiar with these diseases so you will know when to seek treatment for your guinea pig.

Other Common Problems

  • UTI (Urinary tract infections) are also treated with antibiotics.
  • Impaction is a problem for some older boars.
  • Ovarian cysts is a disease of middle-aged to older sows.
  • Bladder Stones can cause urinary tract blockages. Boars are especially vulnerable due to their narrower ureters.

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Case studies in Medical Reference:

Become familiar with the signs of these illnesses. Explore other conditions described on this site. Prompt veterinary care is critical to the health of your guinea pig.

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