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Teeth Planing Sketch & Malocclusion Photographs

The teeth should be planed at a 30 degree angle. Find below a sketch of the teeth that was based on a more detailed skull illustration appearing in Brown & Rosenthal's book (Self-Assessment Color Review of Small Mammals by Susan A. Brown and Karen L. Rosenthal, page 78). The gray sections are the roots:

Sketch of guinea pig dentition.

Paravati took a photograph of her guinea pig which shows how the lower molars grow over and entrap the tongue.

She wrote:

"His molars had overgrown, entrapping his tongue. He's apparently had the condition for quite a while. His tongue was permanently stuck out and you can see the indentation of the teeth.

"...the second photograph was actually taken DURING the planing. The left side molars are still in progress there, and aren't actually done being filed."


Teeth entrapment

And after planing:

Teeth after planing.

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