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Lipomas (Benign Fatty Tumors)

A lipoma is a benign tumor of fatty tissue, meaning a non-cancerous lump of fat cells. Lipomas can be removed surgically or simply monitored if the tumor is not interfering with movement and if it appears to cause no pain.

Lipomas are thought to be hereditary and are usually not painful and seldom malignant. A malignant lipoma is called a liposarcoma. In humans, the condition is reportedly quite common and is frequently genetic in origin, due to a mutation of the mitochondrial DNA.

Guinea pigs can develop multiple lipomas. It is wise to check out any new lumps. Your vet can perform a biopsy to identify any suspicious lump or may choose to monitor a lump identified as a lipoma for changes. If you have a digital camera, hold a ruler nearby and snap a quick photo. Digital photos can be a good record of comparison.

Peony had multiple fatty lipomas. Photo of Pinta's guinea pig, Peony:

Guinea pig with fatty lipomas.

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