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The G-Force Team vs. Real Guinea Pigs!

Disney's 2009 movie is sure to draw interest in guinea pigs as pets.

But before you go out and buy your child a guinea pig, make sure you do your research and find out what you are getting into. Guinea pigs are much more work and expense than most people realize. They are fragile and are unsuitable pets for young children.

Guinea pig advocates and rescuers across the country are concerned that people will purchase guinea pigs at pet stores (rather than adopting) later deciding they no longer want them, adding to the overpopulation of guinea pigs.

Read over our printable educational pdfs and share them with your children:

Agent Juarez vs. Snowflake!

Agent Juarez and her G-Force pals:

  • Drive cars
  • Parachute
  • Use blowtorches
  • Swim
  • Talk
  • Walk on two legs
  • Live in tanks with mice & rats
  • Use hamster balls

And do many cool and amazing things!

Real Guinea Pigs like Snowflake:

  • Are noisy and eat and poop all the time
  • Need really big cages that must be cleaned often
  • Should only live with other guinea pigs
  • No hamster balls or wheels (they'll hurt their backs!)
  • Can't swim
  • Have fragile bones
  • Should not be carried by young children
  • May get ill and require expensive veterinary care

And they can't do ANYTHING G-Force pigs can do!

Thinking of getting a guinea pig? What if your child becomes bored and loses interest? What if a family member needs treatment for allergies? Did you know that guinea pigs sometimes bite? Or that they may have accidents [pee and poop] when being held? Most guinea pigs are quite timid and not very friendly. It takes patience to win their trust.

Guinea pigs do not make good "starter pets" for a child. They require frequent daily care by the parent. Cages can be smelly, especially if not cleaned regularly. Expect to find hay and bedding in random places in your home. And guinea pigs are expensive! All those fresh vegetables and bedding add up. Medical care can be costly. Snowflake had several surgeries and needed medications to get better.

Not all guinea pigs are super heroes - only the cartoon ones. Thousands of guinea pigs are homeless. You can help by supporting your local guinea pig rescue or shelter. If you are thinking of getting a pet, be sure to do your research. And if you DO decide to get a guinea pig, make it a lifetime commitment!

And most important of all, adopt!

Guinea Pigs are for Life