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Any one want to weigh in on neutering?
I am taking Gabe to the vet today just for a wellness check. I am going to discuss neutering with them. Simon was neutered. I liked that I could basically put him with any pig, male or female. He was so mellow. Would he have been that way regardless of being fixed? IDK. Also, I was told that impaction issues that plague older boars don't happen with neutered pigs. Obviously, the anesthesia is a concern, but as long as he is healthy, I think he would be ok.

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You have the details right.

Only other consideration would be the skill and success of your vet doing this procedure. There are different methods used these days.

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I dissent.

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I don't know. I have never had a neutered boar in the 17 or 18 years that I have had guinea pigs, and only had a few with impaction issues (and they already had this issue when we adopted them). Most of our guys have been fairly mellow, too, but pairing has sometimes been a challenge.

Agree with really comes down to how experienced and skilled the veterinarian is.


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Gabe is very healthy according to my vet. My previous vet did not like to do neuters or spays on pigs. So she dissuaded me. I really like my new vet, and feel he is experienced enough and confident enough that he will do a good job.

I have had two boars that lived to be very old and they did have impaction issues, which were unpleasant for us both. The other bunch of boars did not thankfully, but I did lose some earlier due to other issues so do not know if they would have. But neutering him is not solely about the impaction issue, it is more about the pairing issue. Plus, if I end up with a female, I can always put them together to play safely. Luke got into Gabe's floor pen the other day (my bad). I was right there, but Gabe went after Luke. Luke was kind of just in shock I think because no other pigs had ever been mean to him. And he had a brother at one point (pre-adoption) and then had playtime with Simon. They had been meeting through a fence for several weeks, and it is Gabe who acts more aggressively.

I have a little time to think about it, but right now I am leaning towards doing it.

Thanks Lynx and Sef for your input. I appreciate it since you both are so experienced.

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Female guinea pigs who aren't happy with a companion will sometimes do pee attacks!

But it is always nice to be able to pair a neutered boar with a female.

For the Love of Pigs

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I've seen that in action!

Tobey was about 6 mos. and in good health when we had him neutered, and we had our surgically experienced vet do it. He is the only boy and he wanted to be with his sisters & mom. So there was never any question about it.


Post   » Sun Dec 25, 2022 8:53 am

Pee attacks! Yikes. Hope that is something I don't experience with my pigs!

Gabe is a little stinker, I do hope he mellows out with this neuter. But if he does not, I will still love him. He will just not be able to play with his friends.


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So, no neutering. His pre-op bloodwork was off. I would have to go back and check exactly what was wrong. I was a bit rattled when the Dr called. I did not expect it. She did say that she would do it after giving him some fluids. But I felt she really did not want to. I told her not to and she said that it was a wise choice. She feels I am feeding too many veggies. That I need to cut it down to very little. I am careful about vegs with calcium, and his calcium was "a bit high". Sodium and potassium were off too. Red blood cells were a little high.
It is hard, this exotics vet has some very different theories about feeding than the one I used to go to. My old vet retired, so I chose this practice because I have had a good experience with them in the past. But it is hard when mostly everything that I had been told by one vet is different from my current one.
I will make some feeding changes, and she does want to see him to do some more bloodwork in two months.

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Post   » Tue Jan 03, 2023 8:10 pm

What one thinks is a good diet is influenced by many factors. You might want to read this page which might help you make sense of things for yourself:

I have a page of "norms", collected from some (now older) vet books. See how the blood work compares to these physiologic norms:

You could see how the values your vet observed compare with the range of acceptable values. I do think if the vet thought your choice not to do the surgery was a good choice, it may have been influenced by the vet's reluctance to do that surgery, too.


Post   » Wed Jan 04, 2023 8:39 am

Thanks Lynx.

I have been overfeeding veggies. I will definitely cut back. For everyone, rabbit included.

She was amenable to doing the surgery, it actually was my decision. I guess I worded her response incorrectly. She really left it up to me and I declined. She then agreed that it was fine and that it was a good idea right now. It was a hard conversation for me to relate, I was totally caught off guard, never expected to find any issues. So, when my phone rang earlier than I expected, and it was the vet, not a tech, I kind of got discombobulated.

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Post   » Wed Jan 04, 2023 9:36 am

Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like you have found a pretty good vet!

Some helpful comparisons of vegs (vegs are better than fruit):


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It is actually a two vet practice, husband and wife team. They will basically see any species that you can get into the clinic. Hoping one day to be there when someone brings in baby goats. (Or maybe not. My goats were 12 when they died in 2018 and I still cry over them) Anyway, this is a well established practice. I guess it is like switching PCPs. Hard to adjust to a little different way of thinking.

I am really stingy with fruits for my pigs and rabbit. Also not a big feeder of carrots. They do get both, but very small amounts. I will get the new feed regimen down pat, but it is hard to feed so much less for vegs. But I really was giving them too much. Not the wrong kinds, just a lot more than they should have.

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