fosters needed in PA/NJ

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Post   » Sat Jun 11, 2022 6:44 pm

Spreading the word based on a post from Facebook:

please email
we received two emails these past two days:
one of someone who had 24 guinea pigs from a hoarding case and wanted to find a good place for them rather than the SPCA where they would likely be put down. one of the adult males also has a growth under his chin.
the other was someone who had a case of classic missexing who ended up with 7 guinea pigs they cannot take care of.
in total that is 31 guinea pigs who need our help. we currently have 26, which is one over our usual limit of 25.
we are willing to take only a few from each case next week, but we could use any help we can get. you can either share, donate, or apply to foster or adopt!
please consider helping us out. besides these two urgent cases we already have about 30 guinea pigs on a waitlist. we NEED fosters and adopters!!! we do NOT have enough space for the amount people want to surrender!!!

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