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I've bought GuineaDad hay multiple times. They start with long strands and compress the hay so what the pigs get from the box is very short strands. A number of people have asked GuineaDad if he would sell the hay in its original long strands but no far, that is not available. What I do with a new box is pull out at least 1/3 of the hay and fluff up the rest. Then I put back the pulled out hay as the piggies empty out the hay. I only use the bottom row of openings. One year when the hay was poor quality, I notified GuineaDad and they gave me a code for another shipment. So they do stand behind their product.

One of my guinea pigs chewed the left opening into a much larger hole that wraps around the corner of the box. It works well for Lily, my senior pig, to sit in the bunk bed right next to the box and eat hay from the enlarged window. I've switched back to SPS hay as the pigs prefer the long strands.

When Si (GuineaDad) was starting out, his piggies' haybox was a food product box with an opening cut out. That might have gotten him started on his design for the GuineaDad hay boxes since he has an engineering background.

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SSLee, the "long strands" that are recommended for guinea pigs have nothing to do with the length of the hay stems. They can be short, long, or in the middle. The "long strands" are the fibers that are inside the hay stem, and the long ones are recommended because they are better at grinding down the molars.

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I started pulling the hay out of the GuineaDad boxes and feeding it in a pile. She sticks her nose in the box and her face is full of little hay bits. The past couple of evenings she has been making a kind of stuffed-nose sound when breathing. I don’t know if there’s a connection, but I was concerned she was inhaling dust or seeds. So I’m giving her a few nights with a hay pile to see if it clears up.

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Yes, it is difficult to evaluate hay quality when it is compacted and in a tight space! Your concern about dust is warranted (sniff the hay, too, to see if you detect any mold, which is always a possibility depending on how the hay is handled and stored).

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