Tips and Suggestions for Safe Rehoming

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Post   » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:18 am

Many of us are in the position of being known as "the guinea pig person" in their family, community, church or workplace. That means that lots of folks come to us saying "I can't keep our guinea pig, can you take him/her or do you know of anyone that can?"

Outside of neglect and abuse situations (that's a different issue), I'm looking for all the good suggestions and tips that you (rescuers, regular members, new members, long-time owners, short-time owners) have given others who have, for whatever reason, to find a new, safe, good home for their guinea pig(s).

I know some of the basics, but certainly not all and would like to put all good suggestions in one place.

Those of you who have had to do this yourselves or have helped others to do so safely and well, what helps? What doesn't? What would you say to a friend to help them find a new, good, safe home for a cavy they can't keep and you can't take?

To find prospective adopters --
  • * Put a flyer up at a cavy-knowledgeable vet's office
To screen prospective adopters --
  • * Charge a fee;
    * Ask where the pig will be kept;
    * Ask what the pig's diet will be;
    * Ensure they know the pig will need vet care, that that may be expensive, and that the pig needs a specialized vet;
    * Go with your gut ...
You get the idea.

What else?? Feel free to add links to threads you have made here that pertain to this topic.

Thanks in advance for helping to make this a comprehensive and usable thread!

(Lynx -- I'm making this a sticky. Please edit and/or un-sticky it if you think that's inappropriate.)

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Post   » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:41 am

Being a sticky is good. Hopefully we'll get lots of ideas!!

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Post   » Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:28 pm

Put a classified ad up on .

In addition to putting a flyer at the vet, put one at your local pet supply store. Most seem to have bulletin boards.

As a rescue, I do courtesy listings on both my Petfinder and Facebook pages for people needing to re-home in my area.

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