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Find Out What Bedding Works For You

People use all types of products as bedding for their guinea pigs -- towels, pine shavings, paper products, and more. What bedding works for you may not only depend on the bedding itself, but your cage arrangement, cost, and your time. In this section, long time guinea pig owners share their opinions on different products. Check out pros and cons of the various beddings. For further reading, see Guineapigcages.

  • Fleece - Polyester fleece and other types of fleece can be washed and reused
  • Wood - Aspen shavings, pine shavings, and pine pellets
  • Paper - Processed paper products like Care FRESH and Yesterday's News
  • Hay & Others - Hay, Towels, and EnviroTiles
  • AVOID - Cedar, corncob bedding, straw, etc.
  • Favorites - How pet owners make it all work

The most commonly used beddings are pine shavings and processed paper products but you will find a number of interesting and sometimes innovative beddings. Some pet owners who have embraced large cages, perhaps constructing a CC cage (see link above), have found that lining the cage with fleece or towels (used in combination with litter boxes) is a workable solution.

Be sure to look over the Favorites page and see if one of the recommendations is right for you. The Hints and Tips will help you make a selection that will work for you. Be prepared to experiment, for when it comes to bedding, there is no single best choice.

Health Tip: Keeping the living area clean is vital to good health. A build up of ammonia is not only objectionable to the pet owner, but hard on your pet's respiratory system. Determine what works best for you by trying different beddings and be sure to use a large cage.

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