Cyndi (F) -- Severe Pododermatitis, Amputation

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Cyndi (Citrouille), Female (intact), Red w/white spot on head, American

Surrendered to Veterinary Clinic/Rescue 1/26/02 in lieu of euthanasia with one other sow that was more severely affected.

At least 4 years old at surrender.

Front paws showed severe tissue swelling, large scabs. Left front foot is 5-6 times normal size, right front foot is about twice normal size. X-rays show osteomyelitis (infection of the bone) from the long-term untreated foot infection. Left front foot more severely affected and radius and ulna show osteomyelitis on that leg also. Running lice also present.

Initial Treatment: Soft, clean bedding!, standard chlorhexidine soaks several times daily, bandaging foot after scabs fell off revealing raw, ulcerated tissue, applying BNP ointment (standard bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin B as in Triple Antibiotic topical ointments), Baytril 10 mgs SID PO, Vitamin C 50 mgs SID PO. Routine Advantage and ivermectin treatment as prophylactic antiparasitic treatment due to scabs and hair loss/alopecia (not pruritic) and lice.

Outcome: 4/4/02. Referral to an exotics clinic where an amputation of the severely affected left front limb was performed after recheck radiographs showed little to no improvement in osteomyelitis. Amputation was performed mid-shaft on the humerus. Subcutaneous suture skin closure. The right front paw is almost completely healed. Send home with buprenorphine (Buprenex) for several days post-op and Baytril discontinued.

3/03. Added with bonded sow cagemate to a bonded trio of sows.

1/23/05. Right front paw beginning to ulcerate again. Start with protocol as initial presentation above.

3/1/05 Found deceased in cage.

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