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Post   » Sun Aug 10, 2008 8:39 pm

Name: Katie
Sex: Female/spayed
Age at onset: Guessing 3 ½
General history: Adopted at ~5 months. Spayed/already had a litter. No idea of origins or how she came to be in the rescue.

Diet: Oxbow timothy pellets (2x/day), unlimited timothy hay, fresh vegetables (mostly green leafys, some carrots, occasionally dandelion/cilantro/red pepper/). Also occasionally Critter Berries or Papaya tablets.

Medical history: Urethral stones (4 as of 8/2008), UTI, broken incisors, GI Upset, A/B intolerant (Baytril, Chlor. and possibly Doxy. and Bactrim as well), arthritis, follicle cyst (infected). None of these problems existed prior to 2 months before Katie’s 3rd birthday.

Signs of illness:
- excessive water consumption
- general lethargy
- weight loss
Diagnosis: Kidney disease diagnosed 6/16/2008. I think he technically referred to it as "renal insufficiency".
Test results:
- Bloodwork done a year + before this diagnosis – BUN 18, creatinine 0.4.
- Bloodwork 6/16/2008 – BUN 106, creatinine 2.2, urine very dilute
- Bloodwork 6/27/2008 – BUN 25, creatinine 1.5
- Bloodwork 7/14/2008 – BUN 12.7, creatinine .3
- Bloodwork 8/5/2008 – BUN 11, creatinine .2
- Bloodwork 8/22/2008 - BUN 13, creatinine .4
*The Dr. indicated normal BUN should be below 30 and normal creatinine below 2.0. “Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents” says normal BUN is 9.0-31.5 and normal creatinine is 0.6-2.2.

Treatment: 6/17 - Prescribed 60 cc Lactated Ringers via Sub-Q once a day for 3 days, then every other day until 6/26. Change to 2x/week from 7/1 – 7/11. Stopped SQ as of 7/11 due to test results. Next scheduled follow up around 11/08.

9/8/2008 - Katie was euthanized due to extreme weight loss/overall poor condition believed brought on by A/B intolerance. Pre-illness weight ~957 grams, weight at last appointment 664 grams.

The abscess discovered on 8/8 never resolved. Katie was originally prescribed Doxycycline, then switched to Bactrim on 8/23 after indicating beginning sensitivity to Doxy. On 9/7 she developed diahrrea and would not eat or drink on her own. Despite syringing food/water her condition kept declining.

Her kidneys responded very well to the SQ and continued to function normally even after almost 2 months of no treatment. Barring the additional problems it seems likely she could have lived a "normal" lifespan with minimal medical intervention for her kidneys.


Post   » Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:28 am

Use of benazepril to improve kidney function.

armoftheland wrote:

Just for information sakes I read up about the medication and got this from the Benazepril page on Wikipedia:

"According to a 2006 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, patients with advanced renal insufficiency taking benazepril showed "substantial" kidney benefits.[1]

A long term study of patients' kidney disease revealed that patients who took benazepril had better kidney function and a slower progression of kidney disease. Kidney function was much better in the group of patients taking the drug than their peers who took a placebo drug.[2] This is notable because this category of pharmaceuticals have long been thought to cause further kidney damage or increase the rate of progression for kidney disease."

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