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Michel, male (intact), lilac and white, American

Obtained 8/00 as part of a rescue of ~40 cavies from a collector in LA, CA. At least 2 years old at aquisition.

Presentation: 1/03 (~4 1/2 or 5 years of age). Pea sized mass related to right mammary gland. Leakage of blood-tinged fluid from teat when palpated. Placed on Baytril 10 mg/kg PO BID.

Treatment: 3/03. No change in mass, recommend surgery to remove and histopath. Chest x-rays done to rule-out metastasis of cancer in lungs. They are within normal limits, so surgery proceeds as planned. Butorphanol is sent home for pain, skin sutures placed (Michel chews out one).

Results: Full recovery. Histopath reveals a benign adenoma.

Pet is euthanized 9/04 due to severe urolithiasis and kidney stones.

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