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Luci (Luciole), female (intact), Red, American Satin

Initial presentation: Previously had 1 litter. Presented at 3 years of age in 1997 with hematuria (bloody urine), alopecia (hair loss), and a swollen abdomen with condition loss. No pruritis associated with the alopecia. Baytril was started 2.5 mg BID for 10 days with no change in the color of the urine. Within a couple of months, seizures began to occur.

Diagnostics: rDVM runs bloodwork, unable to get a urine sample for urinalysis. Bloodwork shows ALT of 70 (27-29) and AST of 230 (40-45). Referral to UC Davis with repeat of bloodwork, urinalysis, x-rays, and abdominal ultrasound. Ovarian cysts suspected.

Treatment: Spay. Ovarian cysts present. Spay curative for hair loss, and hepatopathy and seizures seem to disappear without further treatment. Bladder biopsy performed due to chronic UTI that does not respond to Baytril. Histopath shows chronic UTI inflammation, but no neoplasia (cancer) in the bladder nor uroliths (bladder stones). Antibiotic changed to trimethoprim sulfa (Bactrim/Primor) and UTI resolves.

Pet died in 1999, about 2 years post surgery at the age of 5 years.

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