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Name: Lucy
Sex: female, intact
Age at onset: about 3 years

General history:
Lucy is about 3 years old. She was rescued from a hoarder by the Humane Society when she was about 2 months old. She was pregnant and had a litter of two boys. She was fostered by Amy0204 and we adopted her when she was about 7 months old. She has had no previous health problems.

Signs of illness:
- weight loss of 100 grams
- possible frequent urination

Veterinary diagnosis:
- ovarian cyst discovered by palpation

- two injections of Cystorelin one week apart with the cyst increasing in size after the two weeks
- aspirated cyst (60 ml fluid!) under brief sedation and another injection of Cystorelin; they gave her a subcue because of the large amount of fluid lost

- the other treatment option is a spay which will be done if the cyst returns
- the third hormone injection is not standard, but the vet thought it was worth a try because aspirating the fluid impacts Lucy's hormonal balance & she might benefit from the injection this time.

Follow up:
- she has a return visit in 1 month

-checkup 7/20/11: the cyst is growing and is about the size of a large grape. Lucy has maintained her weight. The two options are to periodically drain the cyst or do a spay. The spay seems the more practical approach. The vet wants to be sure Lucy is maintaining her weight, so we'll wait about a month or so for the spay. She said Lucy feels like she has put on muscle along her spine & back, which is good.

-spay 08/15/11: everything went well. The vet said the ovary looked "knarly". Lucy had a checkup two weeks later and has healed well.

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