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LINKS - Bio-Sponge®

Bio-Sponge® is a health supplement clay (di-tri-octrahedral smectite), that effectively aids the GI system and restores proper GI flora.
  • On and off again diarrhea - please help!
    Medical/discussion thread about the uses of Bio-Sponge®, including Josephine's explanation of how Bio-Sponge® works.

    Josephine writes: "It is simply a clay. The way it works is not unlike the old school kaolin-pectin (which used to be the active ingredients in Kaopectate before the company went crazy and put bismuth subsalicylate in it).

    "The way it works is twofold. It does absorb water and therefore stems the diarrhea BUT the more helpful thing is that it does absorb and counteract the toxins produced by clostridium difficile, which is the organism that overgrows with most cavy (and other animals) diarrhea and CAUSES the diarrhea. SO, it is better than any probiotic IMO. It actually squashes the clostridium's attack and allows the body to regain it's normal homeostasis and balance in the GI tract."
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