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Alibabble described the anesthesia protocol used for her guinea pig's x-ray and stone removal surgery:
Timothy had his surgery on Tuesday and it all went smoothly. The stone was quite large and his bladder wall was thickened and inflamed. It's definitely good that it came out when it did, it should increase his comfort level drastically. I've sent off the stone to be analyzed but haven't received results yet.

I thought I'd post the anesthetic protocol as it worked quite well for him. He was pretty stressed when I first brought him in so we opted to sedate pretty quickly. He was at 1.113 kg and we used Ketamine - 20 mg/kg, midazolam 0.5 mg/kg, butorphanol - 0.5 mg/kg, glycopyrolate - 0.02 mg/kg in a cocktail for a total of 0.3 mls given SQ. Once he was sufficiently sedated we took a lateral abdominal xray to assess where the bladder stone was located (and that it hadn't miraculously passed on its own). We then administered 20mL of warm LRS SQ and induced using a mask and isoflurane.

My vet removed the stone and took a sterile swab for a culture and sensitivity on the lining of the bladder. She then flushed the bladder with warm saline and passed a catheter from the bladder through the urethra followed by further flushing. She closed with subcuticular sutures and tissue glue. Mid surgery we gave him metacam and baytril by SQ injection. We were very careful to maintain his body temperature during surgery and post-op. Post-op we also did a follow up xray to make sure that no uroliths remained.

For aftercare he's been on buprenorphine, metacam and baytril. The first two days I used the buprenorphine every 8 hours and then backed off to twice daily. The metacam and baytril were both SID. He began eating on his own that evening, although not enough to maintain his own body weight so I supplemented with CC. By Wednesday afternoon he was begging for veggies. He's still not eating quite enough to maintain his weight so I'm feeding ~30 mL of CC a day.

His culture came back today with no growth after 72 hours so we've stopped the baytril. I'm going to try backing off on the buprenorphine today as he seems a bit sedate. His incision looks fantastic and he's been very vocal in his demands for more veggies and fresh hay. Honestly, I think he's enjoying the extra pampering at this point.

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