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Medical thread: Soft droppings

• Would fluctuate between normal and abnormal droppings
• Some would be tear shaped (these would be more smelly than usual)
• Some seem to crumble easily
• Occasionally droppings would have normal texture but were small
• Some droppings looked stringy
• Most droppings would have a small crater in them
• Began crying when peeing, sometimes while pooping (no blood); had bladder sludge

• Multiple x-rays showed no bladder stones
• Urine culture showed no bacteria; found some calcium deposits but nothing that would explain the pain

Diet Changes:
Withheld veggies and slowly reintroduced them when droppings firmed up. Momo’s droppings would go back to being soft and odd shaped. Vet recommended feeding only one veggie at a time for a week in order to determine if one or more were upsetting Momo’s stomach –no conclusions were made. Removing green peppers from her diet seemed to make her digestion issues worse.

• Gave healthy dropping mixed with water via syringe

• (5/29/2008) prescribed antibiotics
• (8/20/2008) prescribed 2 drops Metacam for pain
Other medical issues:
• Developed ovarian cysts
• Had a few cases where teeth were misaligned/overgrown
• Chronic bladder sludge
• Developed mammary gland tumor
• X-ray showed slightly enlarged heart and a pulmonary edema

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