Sierra (F) – Chronic Soft Droppings and Gas

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GL member: Brenda B
Medical thread: Soft poop-please help

• Soft droppings
• Increased thirst

• Fecal smear
• Fecal culture
• X-ray
• Urinalysis

Diet changes:
• Withheld all veggies
• Switched pellet brand

• Acidophilus
• Poop soup
• Vitamin C
• Critical Care

• Albon
• Simethicone
• Flagyl
• Imodium
• Baytril
• Reglan

Chronology of treatment:

10/22/2008: The vet examined Sierra and did a fecal smear but couldn’t find anything. He prescribed Albon as a precaution.

10/24/2008: Sierra has alternated between normal and abnormal droppings for the past few days. She appears a little gassy so Brenda gives Simethicone and massages her abdomen.

10/27/2008: After seeing normal droppings for 24 hours, Brenda gives Sierra a small portion of veggies. Soon after, her droppings are mushy and green once again.

10/31/2008: Sierra isn’t showing lasting improvement so Brenda asks the vet about staying on Albon. The vet says to continue with the full prescription since other than the soft dropping Sierra is healthy. Sierra is still gassy.

11/10/2008: Brenda has been experimenting with different veggies to find triggers.

12/7/2008: Sierra had a bad bout of soft droppings. While cleaning, Brenda noticed blood around Sierra’s rear. Sierra’s urine has been clear all day. Just 10 minutes after cleaning Sierra, Brenda noticed more blood, which would pool a bit around the anal opening. At this point Sierra has been on Albon for 3 weeks. Brenda also gave her Flagyl that day. Throughout the night Brenda gave Sierra fluids, medication, and Imodium every two hours.

12/8/2008: The vet wants to keep Sierra on Flagyl and Albon. He believes Sierra has a parasite (suspects Coccidia) even though the test results are negative. Sierra continues to have bouts of messy, green droppings.

12/9/2008: Sierra has a series of mushy/green/”pitted” droppings (possibly a sign of yeast).

12/16/2008: For the past few days, Sierra fluctuates between soft and normal droppings. Brenda relays what was said when she went to see a specialist:
Fecal came up negative again (except for protozoa that should be in there); but no parasites. Poops are not quite as alarming as I thought they were. She is a bit underweight so he wants me to give her a bit of alfalfa for a couple of days (warned about stones) and keep on CC. No lumps, masses or stones apparent but after the check of her abdomen she had a bit of discharge from her vaginal area.
Sierra is now on Baytril for a suspected infection. She doesn’t seem to be eating as much as usual so Brenda began hand feeding. She does seem to be eating her pine bedding.

12/18/2008: Sierra’s culture results came back negative. Brenda is trying a new bedding to see if this is the source of Sierra’s GI upset.

12/27/2008: After completing a round of Baytril (on 12/23), Sierra continues to have bouts of mushy, smelly droppings. Occasionally there will be small traces of blood.

1/3/2009: The vet said that it is possible that it is irritable bowel but the only way to diagnose that is with a tissue sample from the intestines. He does not want to do that unless this gets to be a bigger problem since the risk of death is there. He said the amount of blood was very small and it was on the poop and not in the poop, which makes him not want to do exploratory surgery. Brenda continues to give periodic belly rubs.

1/6/2009: Sierra lost 6 ounces in one week.

1/13/2009: Brenda switches from Oxbow to KMS pellets.

1/23/2009: Sierra is improving. Her weight has increased. She is still gassy and has bouts of soft droppings but normal ones quickly follow these.

2/28/2009: Sierra hasn’t had soft droppings in one month. She continues to put on weight.

4/27/2009: Sierra’s appetite has decreased. Brenda is hand feeding every 4-6 hours. Her weight hasn’t dropped but her droppings are very small (about a third normal size). She is also giving Reglan. The vet examined Sierra and found her molars in perfect condition. She was well-hydrated, alert, bright eyes, good coat and temperature. Her abdomen felt nice (no suspected stasis/gas/bloat at all). Lungs were clear. He thought she appeared in great health. The vet prescribed Metacam for her toe (she had a nail removed). It’s suspected a new cage mate is bullying Sierra away from food.

5/6/2009: Sierra’s droppings are very abnormal (mushy with some mucous). She’s also peeing blood. The vet said to give Albon. Brenda also gave some Metacam.

5/7/2009: Sierra is prescribed Bactrim for a suspected UTI. The vet also warned that she might have a uterine tumor or ovarian cysts that don't show up on x-ray. A urinalysis showed nothing. The vet still has no idea about her GI issues. Her fecal tests are negative, she goes for long periods with good poops and she has a great diet. He said that IBS or megacolon, though rare, could be possible.

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