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Melissa wrote this about her experience with bloat:
My vet said he was very lucky to still be here with us. Guinness was that bloated and yet was still eating. Some sites say if the pig is still eating then it's not a medical emergency- it is and was. If I would've waited another day before taking him in he may not be here today.

Pain meds are a life saver- it will keep them comfortable and get them to eat more.

Meds he is/was on:
• Metoclopramide
• Cisapride
• Metacam
• Bio-Sponge
• Zantac
• Simethicone
• Metronidazole
• Poop soup from a healthy pig (mixed with a little unsweetened cranberry juice)
• Vitamin C supplement

If they are not eating enough hay- increase pellets for the time being and start trying different types of hay. I was feeding Bluegrass, which is a softer hay. Guinness prefers a firmer- more seed heads type of hay (timothy is his favorite).

The pellets are what truly helped my boy. It may not be the best option for their teeth but it helped with his bloat tremendously. Within 12 hours of giving him unlimited pellets he was less than half as bloated as he was the night before. When he gets better I will start limiting them again like before.

Lots of floor time to help get some gas out. A vibrating pillow also has helped a bit with Guinness.

Weighing weekly to notice the smallest weight loss. If they start losing- start weighing every day. This is the first sign of illness obviously since they are prey animals- they won't show any signs until it may be too late to correct.

My vet has Guinness off ALL veggies until we get his bloat under control- so I have to give a vitamin C supplement. My favorite is the liquid orange flavored one; much easier for me to give versus the chewable tablets. I give him about 100 mg daily- in 2 doses.

Medications and supplements:

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