Elle (F) – Soft Droppings, Gas, Pain While Defecating

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Elle would have soft (though fully formed) droppings every once in a while. She also drank more water than usual.

• X-ray

Diet changes:
• Withheld veggies
• Switched brand of pellets

• Probiotic
• Vitamin C

• Propulsid (Cisapride)
• Metacam
• Bactrim
• Flagyl

Chronology of treatment:

8/7/2008: Vet recommends continuing Propulsid for two weeks. She also says to restrict her diet primarily to hay.

8/27/2008: Elle is now strictly on hay and pellets. She is getting a vitamin C supplement and probiotics.

11/13/2008: Elle’s health is getting worse, even with a strict diet of hay and pellets. Her droppings are unformed and the consistency of toothpaste. She appears to be straining while pooping. The vet did a fecal test that was negative. After palpating Elle’s abdomen, the vet doesn’t think the issue is stone related.

11/25/2008: Elle continues to decline, though some days are better than others. The vet prescribed Metacam and said to continue with the Propulsid. Elle seems to be in more pain now when pooping.

12/12/2008: Last week an x-ray showed a little gas.

1/5/2009: Bookfan switched Elle from Oxbow pellets to KMS. This didn’t improve Elle’s symptoms.

1/7/2009: The vet decided to put Elle on Flagyl.

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