Guinea pig drug dosing charts

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Post   » Fri Sep 19, 2003 11:02 pm

Ok, thanks to wheeky8 making space available for me in the 7LevelsofGL chat group, I've been able to upload all my charts for dosing little piddies. The charts are available in both Microsoft Works and Microsoft Excel formats.

At the top of each chart is a cell that contains a number. That number is the concentration of the medication (ex. Baytril concentration of 22.7mg/ml). Say you have 50mg/ml Baytril instead of 22.7mg/ml. Just change the 22.7 to a 50, and the rest of the chart will change to reflect how many ml you are supposed to give a pig in the weight range of 100g - ~1500g.

For those of you that weigh in pounds/ounces instead of grams, I strongly suggest that you download AND print out (it's much easier to read that way, trust me) my chart that converts pounds/ounces to grams. And for those of you that really wanna know, you could also use it to convert grams to pounds/ounces.

Pounds/Ounces to Grams - Microsoft Works format (54k)
Pounds/Ounces to Grams - Microsoft Excel format (56k)

Here are the rest of the charts that I have created:
Bactrim dosing - Microsoft Works format (81k)
Bactrim dosing - Microsoft Excel format (84k)

Baytril dosing - Microsoft Works format (141k) (this chart shows 5mg/kg and 10mg/kg dosing)
Baytril dosing - Microsoft Excel format (144k)

Butorphanol dosing - Microsoft Works format (81k)
Butorphanol dosing - Microsoft Excel format (84k)

Chloramphenicol dosing - Microsoft Works format (81k)
Chloramphenicol dosing - Microsoft Excel format (84k)

Meloxicam dosing - Microsoft Works format (90k)
Meloxicam dosing - Microsoft Excel format (93k)

Rimadyl dosing - Microsoft Works format (81k)
Rimadyl dosing - Microsoft Excel format (84k)

There they all are. If you download the file and use it, and accidentally screw it up...just delete the screwed up file on your computer, and re-download the file for a new copy of it.

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Post   » Fri Jan 16, 2004 10:39 am

Mel, these are all restricted access files.

We can't get at them.

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Post   » Sun Jan 18, 2004 11:37 am

Yeah, I've been discovering that. I need to get after my husband to let me use some of his office web space.

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