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Post   » Wed Nov 06, 2002 9:58 am

Before you consider neutering your guinea pig, thoroughly read and PRINT off the information on Teresa's site.

Do NOT let your vet touch your guinea pig without reading this information. CONFIRM it has been read and UNDERSTOOD prior to the procedure. The vet may have all the experience in the world with cats, dogs and/or rabbits, however, guinea pigs are not the same ball game.

My own personal vet has experience with neutering, however an adopter felt very confident in the skills of the vet where she works and wanted the procedure to be done there. I was told this vet had experience with guinea pigs, and the foster home also felt confident. Teresa's site was printed and provided to the vet, however, he apparently did not read it prior to surgery.

Surgery was done yesterday, and the vet could not figure out why the guinea pig's innerds were protruding through the neutering incisions. Thankfully the information from Teresa's site was on hand DURING THE PROCEDURE, it was read, and the inguinal rings were properly sewn.

Bottom line, the information needs to be known BEFORE the guinea pig is under anesthesia.

Thankfully Simon is doing fine today but this could have been a tragedy if the information wasn't there.

First choice, see a vet with a lot of experience. Second choice, educate your vet with the professional information from Cavyspirit. Never assume the vet has done his own research. The life of your pet could depend on you!

Thank you Teresa for maintaining your site and sharing all the information you do.

Everyone, please feel free to add any input you may have and neutering experiences.

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