Directions for Compounding Enalapril and meloxicam

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Post   » Tue Jan 25, 2005 4:34 pm

I ran a search and didn't find that anyone had posted about making your own Enalapril compound.

When I get a bottle of it already mixed from the pharmacy it costs about $35 and doesnt even cover the whole month. It lasts about 3 weeks. They would make 20mg of Enalapril with 1ml oraweet and 7 of oraplus.

So I had a batch of it and Moppy was starting to decline again at the 3rd week and I called my vet in a panic to get some enalapril called into the pharmacy. He called it in but instead of calling the compound he called in tablets. When I got there and discovered that I was hella pissed. I bought a huge bottle of Ora-plus, 473ml, or one pint. It was 20 bucks.

My prescription for 10 tablets of 2.5mg Enalapril cost $9.99. So I basically spent about as much as it would be to get it premixed. however now I can mix it myself when I need it. 8 pills and 8mls of oraplus yields 2.5mg/ml which is the most popular strength used on GL.

Then I discovered I can get 10 of the 5mg tabs for the same price, so now I can just use 4 of them to make the mix with 8ml of oraplus and my money is saved even more.

Ora-sweet is not necessary. Why bother sweetening something that really is just a drop of liquid? I just give her a small treat after. Lasix tastes bad but Moppy got used to it.

It's beyond easy, there are directions on the bottle and anyone paying out the wahzoo for enalapril compounds should get in on the action. The oraplus can stay at room temp after opening and the compoud does need refridgerated but I think most know that.

I am not saying I invented this idea, I just hadn't seen it posted and I am all about saving money and making sure Mop gets her meds.

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Post   » Tue Jan 25, 2005 4:49 pm

Thanks, Stickyfroggi. I'm going to change the title of the thread and move it to the reference forum.

Saving money is good. Having a more effective drug is good. I take it the enapril was easy to crush and mixed well? I think you mentioned shaking well before use when I talked to you about this.

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Post   » Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:09 pm

And info for compounding meloxicam from human mobic pills. Be sure to shake just before drawing the dose because if it is not crushed finely or doesn't mix really well, you want the bits suspended so you can draw a more accurate dose.

From jacqueline:

So the formula is this:

I have a prescription for generic Mobic (Meloxicam). [They are] 7.5 mg pills

I take 6 of those tablets, crush them, and mix them into 30 ml of the suspension liquid (I use Ora-Plus).

After I crush the pills, I pour a little of the suspension in to make kind of a paste, then add the remainder of the suspension.

This makes metacam that is 1.5 mg/ml.

And, yes, shake well before each use.

I make small batches, since once mixed I heard it doesn't last long.

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