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Hello! I’m creating a new topic regarding Leo my 5 year 6 month old pig who has translucent teeth and a tumour in his mouth as well as a beginning URI at the time. This all happened two weeks ago where I was given Baytril from the vet which admittedly I feared drug intolerance due to him no longer eating the critical care on his own. Although he wasn’t eating anything else even then. Since then I’ve been hand feeding him daily, giving him his medication and water and he had gained weight perked up and was bright eyed. His uri symptoms of the crackly lungs, discharge, and sneezing has stopped. After the full 2 weeks were up we felt as far as the uri goes it was safe to stop the Baytril. Two days after stopping it there has been a major decline in health. Including weight loss, lethargy, and overal just hunched in a corner barely breathing. Needless to say he is definitely dying now. So I immediately started the Baytril again although I’m not sure what for since the URI is gone. Everything I syringe feed him as of last night he spits out too. I’m aware it may be time to say goodbye despite me being somewhat hopeful because of the huge turn around. But does Baytril help cancer spread ? I wouldn’t imagine so but it’s the only other medical condition that I can think of that would take him regardless. We also suspect potential seizing last night as well that was very short lived. Since he fell to his side as we fed him and spread out his leg and opened his foot. Very unusual behaviours.

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You're only allowed one medical thread per pig. Otherwise, it makes it too difficult for people to check back the forums looking for the prior information on the pig. I'll close this thread, you can copy and paste onto your original.

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