Possible Infectious Disease

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Hello. So Thunder is one of my boys that I lost in January, he has his own thread. But two of his sons have both passed, exactly 21 days from each other. The first boy had a fever and his belly felt like squish and nothing else. He wasn't overweight at all but I couldn't feel any organs. He had trouble breathing and turned blue before he passed. He was running a fever as well. A few weeks prior he had beed into the vet for sneezing but upon the necropsy there were no signs of pneumonia and a cause of death was not determined. There was food in his GI tract, feces in his belly and he was ok. Three weeks later (four days ago) I found his brother as well. When I found him he was puffed up next to his brother. I grabbed him right away and noticed that he was not able to stand and was completely uncoordinated. His feet were limp and he wasn't moving. He was pretty cold and I instantly rushed him to the emergency vet. He was completely out of it, i tapped the corners of his eyes and waved my hand in front of his face and he was unresponsive for five minutes, then he came too and scrabbled his front paws against me and shoved himself forward before going out of it again. We repeated this pattern six or seven times on the drive over. His temperature was pretty low and he was pretty sick. We opted to warm him up and try to save him but he passed away on his own two hours later. He had been jumping around earlier that morning in his cage. Their other brother has TMJ, but he is doing ok. I have moved him into my room and he sleeps next to my bed. His current weight is 630 grams (yes i do know that it is low, but because of his jaw it had just started increasing since we started using pain meds) Four days ago his weight was 700g, two days ago it was 670g and today it is 630 grams. He is eating in front of me, when he had free time he stole a carrot from another one of the animals. I was worried but optimistic two days ago, but now i am worried. He has an appointment tomorrow, i scheduled it the day after his brother passed, and he is going to get a chem panel done and be tested for infectious diseases. I just don't know what to think right now. I've raised these boys since they were born and they were only a year and a half old. Does anyone have any ideas or clues or similar experiences?

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