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Post   » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:53 am

Hi all. I took my four guinea pigs to the vet's office about 6 weeks ago to have them checked for mites or lice. She found a couple of dead ones on them so prescribed some Ivermectin to give them orally once a week for three weeks. I also thoroughly cleaned the cage at the time I dosed them. We completed the medicine about 2 weeks ago but I'm still seeing a lot of dandruff on them. Wookie, the reason I thought they might have a problem, still has a flaky, scabby spot on her back. I am going to clean that spot with some coconut oil, it is in the area where the grease gland is located. I gave them all a bath on Saturday using the Nizoral.

Do I need to continue dosing them with Ivermectin until all the dandruff is gone? One of them is a Teddy, is it safe to give her a bath once a week with the Nizoral? I have had her since she was a baby (1-1/2 years) and she has always had dandruff that I assumed was dry skin. It has never gotten any worse than when I first noticed it.

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Post   » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:04 pm

Ivermectin is much more effective topically on lice than it is orally. Or you could try Revolution topically.

While you are concerned that the dry skin might be fungal, I would try the Nizoral bath. But also, perhaps later in the day, see if you can work in some cold pressed coconut oil to moisten the skin.

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