Potentially Fatal Diarrhea, Oldest Cavy


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Hi, I'm Tyra.
I'm a guinea mommy of 2 girls, Delilah and Rose. Delilah, my guinea 2 year old guinea pig, was diagnosed with diarrhea today. I'm trying to stay positive. She has been prescribed meds and has to be force fed and forced water. I'm taking it hard... I would really hate to lose her. I thought communicating with other cavy parents would put me at ease. No matter the outcome....
I'm not sure how often I should feed/give her water. I didn't get to take her to the vet myself. My mum had to do it for me. I last forced water at 11pm. I've set alarms for 3am and 10am. Any support and extra tips would be really great right now. Thanks.

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You have another post going. I am closing this thread. Put all your posts on your original thread.

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