Recovery after malocclusion

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Post   » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm a new poster (but long time forum lurker!) with a predicament. I noticed my 2 year old boar Beans was not eating last Sunday (October 29th). I picked him up and noticed her was a little lighter and more bony. He also has loose stools, presumably from his poor diet. I fed him his favorite veggie (it was all he could really eat) and called the vet first thing in the morning for an appointment. The vet did a very thorough examination and found that Beans had spurs on his top molars on one side (something my usual vet has mentioned to keep an eye on) and tenderness she believed to be from an infection of some sort. She prescribed him Metacam for a few days and gave me Critical Care and helped to me to make an appointment at their central office for grinding two days later.

Beans went for his appointment on November 1st in the evening and everything went well. He was put under General Anesthesia and recovered well. he even tried to pick up some hay in his carrier while still a little loopy. The vet said that he found a little pus and blood in the back of his mouth, and that he believed it was due to the spur cutting his mouth up and it getting infected. I was told to continue the Metacam and was given Septra to treat the infection. I was also instructed to continue feeding CC until he began eating and drinking on his own again.

On Tuesday (November 7th) he still was not eating on his own. The vet asked me to come in and he did another oral exam and an x-ray to check for fracture, abscess, or infected tooth roots. Everything came back perfect and I was instructed to finish off his medicine and to start a round of Metacam again if Beans still wasn't eating come Saturday.

Well, today is Saturday and Beans finished his antibiotic today and I gave him some Metacam this morning. He still isnt eating on his own (except some romaine and parsley) and I have continued with the CC (mixed with a little baby food) and a pellet slurry. I have also provided fresh wheat grass which he picks at and have been putting strands of hay in his mouth to his molars (when he will allow)

My question is this: is this normal recovery time? My vet didn't seem concerned and said Beans may just need "some time" but I noticed that a lot of the users on this forum that have had similar issues have lost their piggies. Is there any suggestions for getting him eating again? Sorry for the novel and thanks in advance for any suggestions!!


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Post   » Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:44 pm

It can take some time to start eating normally again. Are you weighing daily? It is very important to keep up his weight by hand feeding if he's not eating enough on his own.

Assuming your vet is correct that there are no other issues and he has corrected the tooth issue, your giving pain meds should help. Teeth do grow quickly so another visit might not hurt.

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