Single male cavy in MA in need of (hopefully temporary) home

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Post   » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:38 pm

Hey everyone,

Life has been kinda all over the place so I've been absent from this board and feel weird coming here now just to post this.

About a year ago, I took in a male guinea pig with the understanding that it would be temporary--the guinea pig, named Ginny (though I have been having a hard time not calling him Gus Gus) belonged to the young daughter of a woman who had recently moved to the state but, for reasons I won't get into, found herself and her daughter in a situation in which they had to leave their apartment immediately and could not return to their pet-friendly dwelling to get/care for Ginny. Since then, they have been in a shelter. I have been in contact with the woman and she did recently find a place for herself and her daughter but the landlord will not allow pets so she is searching for a new place.

The problem is I am now moving out of state and obviously, cannot--and will not--bring Ginny with me. Contact with the woman is relatively sporadic and I last heard from her almost a month ago when she told me she was trying to figure something out regarding Ginny. I haven't heard from her since and have received no responses to my texts since and my move is approaching in a matter of weeks. I am hoping someone here will be able to take in Ginny and care for him, either permanently or temporarily (I will give you the woman's contact info and let her know he's with another person). Hopefully, once she and her daughter find/move into a pet-friendly place, they will take him back as I know the daughter was/is very attached to Ginny but as I said, I've had him for a year or so now and with the relatively sporadic contact, am becoming more resigned to the idea that Ginny may need a new permanent home. He is a friendly fellow and seems to enjoy the company--or at least presence (I have girls and neither he or my girls have been neutered/spayed so they were kept out of sight from one another)--of other guinea pigs. But he certainly was happy to be able to hear/smell other piggies.

Ginny is a short haired nearly all white (with just a dash of tan) male, approximately 3 years old now who loves his veggies and pellets. He is friendly though since I did not know how long I would have him for, I (regretably now) did not make an effort to cuddle/bond with him like I did with my girls. However, he is actually much easier to pick up from the cage than my girls--I have to herd my girls but he will come to me--whether because he thinks he may get food or just because he likes getting petted I can't tell--and so long as you make sure to support his legs and not surprise him, he will easily let you lift him out of the cage. If you forget to give him his daily veggies/pellets, he will be sure to remind you by wheeking when he sees (or hears) you later in the day. Unlike my girls who wheek when they know veggies are coming or just want veggies, he only really wheeks if he knows it's past time for his daily veggie/pellets. He will come with all his supplies (fleece, grids for cage, play pen, food, hay, bottles, etc...). I will be more than happy to bring him to you anywhere in MA (and possibly neighboring state if necessary)

Send me a PM for more info, etc.

Thank you!

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