URGENT - 9 PIGS IN MARTINEZ CA, to be put down within 2 days


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That's really too bad. We have a shelter here that charges 4$ and they just sold a bunch of 4 week old bunnies for snake food yesterday. But they are at least willing to begin working with us.

Some shelters seem to think of rescuers as meddlers whose very presence seems to say, "you're not doing a good enough job."

I'm concerned about this alleged "rescuer" taking the pregnant females. This couldn't be that collector with 200 pigs, could it?


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Some shelters seem to think of rescuers as meddlers whose very presence seems to say, "you're not doing a good enough job."

Based on the comments in this thread, could it possibly be that miscommunication is part of the problem? You've expressed disgust for the "price" and the fact they can't/don't screen. They on the other hand have probably had some issues with rescues not being great too.

First come first serve is necessary in many facilities here. "Holds" were once allowed, but many times the party (rescue or private adopter) didn't show up and the animal missed it's chance to be adopted due to being held for the positively "commited" person who promised to return. Sucks to be on the other end of the needle knowing how things played out for the cat who's been on hold, so new policies are put in place, and holds aren't allowed.

How many times have adopters rescheduled with you? Not really a big deal for a rescue since euthanasia day doesn't come, but for a shelter with a myriad of animals coming in, time does matter.

Discrimination is another serious issue at the county level. We cannot pick and choose who is the "better home" unless there have been violations.

Unless this shelter knows either rescue, all parties are "alleged", no?


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i4u, I'm going to have to ignore your comment for now, and I'm sure if you ask around, someone will surely chime in with their opinion as to why a 2$ adoption fee isn't the greatest idea.

Teresa, Val was too late. The other rescue took all the pigs even though Val called and told them that she was on her way. She is very upset, because she postponed her trip to go get them.

The rescue is called Tri Valley Rescue, owner Lorraine Mettles (925) 275-1425. I thought you might want to check them out.

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I had her send me the paperwork to be on their list of rescues. Even that doesn't matter. I think there's a big difference between a rescue saying they are coming to get pigs and an adopter.

My concern over their policies was not expressed to them. Their attitude was upfront and rather dismissive before I even had much of a chance to say anything. And I wasn't commenting on anything, just trying to get the facts, policies and logistics understood.

And I did ask who the rescuer was who was coming to get them. Some volunteer who works from some other rescue--not the one the we know. And this rescue volunteer was identified as a personal friend of the volunteer I spoke with at this shelter and therefore 'okay and just fine.' May be. For this shelter, it doesn't seem to matter anyway.

Unfortunately, I believe taking the pregnant females is suspect.

Thing that gets me is absolutely no screening of potential adopters. No applications. My issue isn't with holds or first come, first serve--but no screening.

As far as rescues not being too great, they claimed that if a rescue was on the "list" then that meant they were approved and just fine.

On another shelter note, PHS (our big, visible shelter here) is now changing it's adoption policies. Much looser to improve their numbers. Per Jackie. They will now being doing same day adoptions of small animals at Petsmarts, including guinea pigs. That was one of our executive director's pet projects that we apparently in vain have tried to talk him out of.

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Sorry, posted at the same time.

The shelter had only given me the name of the rescue and her first name. I've left a message. Thanks.

I'm pretty damn well pissed off that this Laurie person didn't call me before she took all the pigs, as I requested the shelter volunteer to do. You tell me why in hell a rescue would be so ANXIOUS to take on the responsibility of 9 guinea pigs with 4 pregnant? Wouldn't you call someone who you knew at a minimum had foster homes lined up to at least find out what the options were?

Sincere apologies to Val for her troubles and effort. How can we make it up to her?


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That is really too bad.

Caroline told me that she and Val had planned on putting TBB on the list but hadn't done it yet.

I think part of the problem with Val is that she is very sensitive about shelters. She is concerned about the conditions there and now is trying to get Caroline to take some of the rabbits. She's just a little thin-skinned and is more upset over the conditions than anything else.


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T, I completely understand where you are coming from, as a rescue, and I also understand how things are at the shelter level.

Just frustrated I guess due to a situation involving rescue vs. shelter policies this week. Too many times rescues do indeed act as though shelters should just bend over and kiss their feet even when the rescue has never been heard of.

Chary, do agree $2 is not ideal, nor are fees for other animals.

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Just for the record, this cat and dog volunteer animal rescue is Tri Valley Animal Rescue (tvar.org) and their main number is 925-803-7043. The other number must be Lorraine's number.


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oops. I'd chuckle about that if I weren't so annoyed.

Well, if they're a dog and cat shelter then at least that's better than a backyard breeder looking for fertile sows.

Teresa, we'll get it right one of these times.

I GAVE, dammit!

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Most interesting......

Tri-Valley animal rescue is a dog/cat shelter in my area that has been totally unresponsive to my requests for posting information about rescues locally. They are located in Pleasanton about 15 minutes from my house. I checked them out when I was adopting my lab 5 years ago. I wasn't impressed and adopted through another local shelter. I've never heard of them taking quinea pigs before.

You'd think that they might want return e-mails of a local person who was willing to do cavy education for adopters and build cages. My posters are up in all the local vet's offices and the non-pet selling feed and pet stores. Most of the local managers know me well and refer guinea pig care questions to me. The tri-valley isn't that big of an area. I've never heard of them doing anything but dogs/cats.

I also sent them informational posters on the Hollister rescue. I never heard a darn thing.

I'm quite relieved it is not who I suspected.

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We still need to get them out. More in a bit.


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Crimeny. I'm not sure but Val may have left. I will check.


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She has left, but she and Caroline will be in Oakhurst until Saturday night. So if someone can get the pigs to them, they will get them to me. Let me know.

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Here's the poop.

Denise is the founder of TVAR and it was her daughter, Lorraine who went to pick them up. The *&*#^% person at the shelter DID NOT convey my message to the daughter to call me when she got there. She got my message later on her voice mail.

Denise doesn't have a lot of experience with gps, although she's already taken them to her vet who apparently does have gp experience. 4 females, all pregnant, one very young. One is apparently ready to pop. They were ultrasounded. They all look like they are related.

Denise's number is 925-248-5800 (muppysmom@aol.com). Lynx, later on you can edit out these numbers, but right now it's easier to put it here.

Some of the pigs at that shelter apparently have gone for snake food.

I don't think it's super critical that they leave her house asap. Need to factor in that one heavily pregnant sow who is probably on a 2nd or 3rd or 4th litter.

I'll leave you guys to coordinate with each other directly.

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Where's Oakhurst?

Oh yeah, and they seem friendly, like they've been handled.

I GAVE, dammit!

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Do you want me to get in touch with her?

I can't foster but I can hold their hands and answer any questions locally.

I've got extra coroplast if they need it. We could whip up a cage if necessary.


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amazing. Talked to Denise. Called Val who was on the freeway heading out of town. Val is TURNING AROUND to go get the pigs and she is on the phone with Denise.

Teresa, Denise says that the one sow is about to pop. So we're talking a 3-hour trip, then they will be with Caroline--who is very knowledgeable & experienced--and then transported down to me on Saturday evening. Please let me know if you think the sow can weather this or if it would be best to leave her with Denise.

I know that it's not imperative that they leave Denise's right now, but right now is when I have a transport. Also, I have a foster lined up for the sows.

critter crew

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I usually dont post here but I wanted to say how WONDERFUL all of you involved are. I take my hats of to those of you doing all this for the sweet piggies. I hope they all make it safe and sound into the loving people's home waiting for them.


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Val gets a special place of honor at our next pig party. Don't know what else to offer.

I think taking the risk of a few hours window of delivering on the road and something going wrong is still worth taking in this situation.

So glad Val was willing to go the extra, extra, extra mile.

Good luck to all . . .


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Ok thanks. Val is picking them up right now.

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