New Hampshire piggy babies

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Post   » Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:06 pm

Hi all,

The Concord Merrimack County SPCA in Penacook NH has 3 females. The mother was an owned pig surrendered with a male. Unfortunaty she was already pregnant at 10 weeks when I took her home to foster. She is a shorthaired brown with black ticking, she has a fairly smooth coat except for a ridge down 1/2 her back.

On May 8 7:15 PM she delivered four babies. She was a great momma to one boy 3 girls. The male and one blazed female were adopted (not together!) by wonder piggy-educated families.

Anyway, we still have the two girls, one dark eyed brown/orange and one red eyed orange/brown short smooth coats.

The shelter website is if you are in the area. The shelter has an adoption process which is also on the webpage. I just checked the website and the names are wrong on the picture. The available girls are the ones on the end of the group of four.

I'd love to get these girls a home before they grow up in the shelter!

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