Anybody on? I am feeling bad


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I know this isn't your problem but I have a friend that moved out of state and she asked that I baby sit her 4 guinea pigs and I said sure because the piggies and I were to move up there after she got some of her bills paid off and got her own place (out of her parents).

Well about a month ago she got mad at me and I didn't hear from her for 4 weeks and I thought Hmmm...I finally wrote her last week and she told me to "f off" and to get rid of the pigs!!! Needless to say I have been crushed for me AND the pigs.

Well point being, I am disabled on a fixed income and I live in 1/2 a room in the basement (small space) and the pigs aren't mine...

I feel guilty for getting rid of these pigs but I HAVE to. I am to got out of state for 1-3 weeks coming this Sunday morning and my dad doesn't want to watch the pigs.

I have a few choices but most are grim. I can take them to PAWS but they could get killed or they could adopt them out to losers who would hurt the piggies.

I am trying to get a hold of this one place I just learned about but they never answered their phone!

There is a place in Decatur, IL I found on cavy rescue tonight and I just wrote an email but I again have to wait and see.

I just don't know what to do and I feel so guilty and she did it to me...this is nothing I would have ever done on my own!!!



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Oh and the other thing is I thought I had a new home for them and the family backed out yesterday.

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What a terrible thing to happen to all of you! I'm glad you found a nearby rescue. Is that the Critter Corral? Rose from that rescue is a poster here on GL.

I hope someone local there can help you out and make good suggestions. It's too bad you are on such a tight time line. Is there any way you can change your plans or delay them a bit? Is there anyone you could talk to for pigsitting until more permanent plans could be made?

As for PAWS, I take it you don't think your local branch is very good? Do they euthanize there?

I'm sorry you are in such a bind, but please keep persuing finding a good place for the piggies. You are the only person they have to look out for them and keep their best interests in mind.

Hope things turn around quickly for you and hope others come by with more advice!

You might want to also post your need for help with cavy placement over in the Cavy Placement forum too!
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I believe PAWS (Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter) is no-kill. Please contact Rose at


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Actually I wrote Diana which I guess is in Decatur.

I guess I can change my plans but I was to follow the family down there on Sunday morning. I have no clue where I am going other than it's a hick town called Potossi.

Yeah from what I understand PAWS does euthanize and I HATE that idea because these girls are SO sweet.

I tried to make a call tonight to see if plans could be changed around and I got no answer...


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Well I know PAWS used to be, they gave animals like 3-10 days so if that has changed I don't know about it. I can call PAWS in the morning.

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Yes, try to contact Rose as well since she's listed as the adoption person. Is that the phone number you already tried on the critter corral site? Otherwise, leave a message there too.


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Ok I will contact Rose too then


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Oh no, the number I tried calling is here in town called Foster Pet Outreach but no luck.

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Ok then. I hope the critter corral can offer some help to you. Hang in there!


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Thanks Christina, everything has just snownballed and I am trying to hang in there...just can't believe all this is happening. That gal loved AND spoiled those pigs and for her to turn her back...and because I love animals and I knew she loved them so much I have made sure to spoil them too but I just can't keep them.

I sure hope and pray I get some help from Rose or Diana soon.


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I'm 36 years old and have lived in the real world almost half my life and I still ask the same old question...

HOW can people be that way?? I will NEVER understand it...


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In Washington State PAWS is Progressive Animal Welfare Society. I adopted my Chihuahua from them 13 years ago, and yes they are a kill shelter.
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Yeah I thought so, I live in Peoria and at one time many many years ago they gave animals 3 days. I don't know how long they go now.


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The one in my town is called Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter


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"Throughout the United States there are several organizations with the name "PAWS". However, all of these are separate organizations and have no affiliation with our organization, The Progressive Animal Welfare Society, in Lynnwood, WA."


Here's yours! Says they're a kill shelter.

Good luck with your dilemma!


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Thanks anglaz

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Check out rescues in the Springfield or Peoria areas, or either Bloomington or Champaign? You're pretty far from Rose.

Are there any rescues near St. Louis? That would be closer than Chicago area.

Good luck.

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Post   » Sat Jun 12, 2004 5:24 pm

Suzie's in St. Louis. I don't want to sound like I'm volunteering her, but maybe she might know of someone who could at least foster them while you are gone?

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