8 month old male Texel looking for forever family - St. Louis

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Post   » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:31 pm

Eddie is a 8 month old, intact, male Texel. The girl who gave him to me thought he was female and I thought I would introduce him to my little herd of 2 young females... I very quickly found Eddie is a boy. Two cages is a little more than we bargained for and since he is an unusual breed it was suggested that I look for a loving forever home for him here. He is very sweet and loves his veggies. He complains a little when we groom him but tolerates it well. His favorite fruit is apples and strawberries and his favorite veggies are carrots and green peppers. We live in St. Louis and wouldn't mind driving a bit to meet the right family for Eddie. Please contact me if interested. Reasonable Rehoming fee will apply. Thank you.

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